Sunday, 16 January 2011

It Goes With the Territory


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I’m pretty wimpish about receiving injections and even more so about giving them but there comes a time when they have to be done.  I give the alpacas, and myself a break and use oral drenches too but alpacas are quite adept at spitting back oral doses if they want – injections do enable a known dose to be delivered.  Thankfully, most injections are given by the subcutaneous method which I find far easier to give than the intra-muscular route which I find really difficult on the alpacas.

This time it was anti-clostridium vaccinations which should give some protection against a variety of possible problems.

After their injections the alpacas were really pleased to be let back out into their field after nearly a month in the barn and I recovered with lunch and a cup of tea!

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