Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Counting Down to Winter – part 2


The next major job to get done before winter is to seed the orchard area.  This is about 1200 m2 and before seeding, it needed to be raked to remove the troughs caused by the cultivator digging in and by the tractor wheels.  I was slightly hampered too…Jewel decided I wasn’t taking enough attention of her and when she realised that I was ignoring her climbing posts and chewing them she took a far more direct approach and attacked the rake.

PA030005 tiny

The soil was in perfect condition for raking but it still took a whole day to rake the area.  I was trying very hard to get it done before the rain we had been promised arrive. This was taken about half way through.

PA030007 tiny 

Although the day stayed dry the wind was far too strong to allow me to seed which was probably jut as well since the rain we got was rather hard and might have washed all the seed to the bottom of the slope.  I now need to wait a couple more days until I can walk on the soil again and can then seed the area.

Since I couldn’t get on with the seeding that evening I took a stroll across my harvested field to pick a few more hazel nuts and rose hips.  On walking back my eye was caught by something in the harvesting debris.  My apologies for the lack of focus.

PA030008 tiny

Another sign that winter is approaching, a roe deer antler.  I think it is from a 3 year old, and it is 14 cm long.  I’ve always wanted to find antlers and have over the years spent time looking in woods but never finding any and then I find one when not looking, but that’s life isn’t it!

And a final sign for this post:

PA050001 tiny

Making use of a good drying day to wash the summer clothes before putting them away and bringing out the winter ones.


aims said...

You raked that whole field by hand? Wow! You have perseverance by the buckets!

Your sunny days do look idyllic. Sigh.....

dND said...

Hi Aims - the raking was quite easy compared to what the seeding did to my back. The half stooped position required to sprinkle each sq meter for a day was not a good thing to do and it's taken a couple of days to get my back right. As for the callouses on my hands; well yes I should wear gloves but I can't work in gloves :-)

The days are quite idyllic at the moment and one of the things I really love about here is that winter is so much shorter than in the UK and I am definitely not a winter person. Dx

farming-frenchstyle said...

You deserve a medal for raking that lot! We had some much needed rain today. Hope it remembers to stop though.

dND said...

Hi FFS I thought so too but lacking any medals here I awarded myself 2 ice-creams instead :-)

It's trying to rain here but not really succeeding and while the ground is damp the ponds are all empty round here. Dx