Friday, 10 September 2010

My First Grapes

P9100043 tiny

I know they are not much to look at but I’m really chuffed.  I’d planted the vine a couple of year ago in anticipation of installing a pergola.  The planting position is far from ideal for producing grapes  as it’s in the shade of a tree. 

The pergola is yet to go up but I’ve just let the vine do it’s own thing each year in order to produce a good root system and hopefully it will be quicker to cover the pergola once it is finally up.

P9100045 tinyThe vine has climbed nearly 20 ft into the tree over the year and produced the two small bunches of grapes down near the root, where I’d cut back the side growth.

I’ve planted more vines out in the fruit garden and I’m hoping for  further desert grapes next year once those plants are fully established. I’ll post a picture of those vines once I’ve got them all in and the support wires in place.


Mickle in NZ said...

So lovely to have you back blogging, I hope you enjoy each one of your beautiful grapes.

aims said...

I'm with Mickle Deborah - so lovely to see you blogging again.

Just because I haven't returned doesn't mean I won't. I'm still recuperating from the long hard - what we call here - summer. Right.

Have missed you though Deborah. Did you get anything knitted from those wonderful hanks of alpaca wool you spun?

aims said...

Oh! Meant to say - I'm so sorry for your loss of Snowy. I know how it hurts and continues to hurt. Your beautiful little adoptee must be helping to lessen the pain.