Friday, 3 April 2009


Way back last year during one of my Internet trawls I came across Kefir (information here) and was able to find someone who would send me some kefir grains. I had a go at producing some kefir but kept forgetting about it, eventually forgetting about the last batch I was making and it spent the winter in the back of my refrigerator.

I dug the mix out a month or so ago and to my surprise the kefir wasn’t rancid, just a bit over sour. Well I say a bit, that really should say a lot sour. I ditched the liquid and spent a couple of weeks refreshing the grains in water to try and clear the curdled smell. This was quite successful so I then started using the grains again with milk. It took about a week but the grains recovered and are now producing wonderful kefir again.

It really is so easy to produce; I strain the grains out of the kefir liquid each morning, rinse the jar, replace the grains in the jar and top up with milk again. All I have to do then is leave the jar on the work-surface and repeat the process the following day. I now have a very cheap supply of probiotic yoghurt.

Today’s treat was to have it on cereal instead of just drinking it. It has a slightly sharp taste but I find it a very pleasant one.

I got my grains via a kefir exchange site – I just did an Internet search – and also found this site, which has a wealth of information.

One of my friends here is very dairy intolerant and we are going to have a go at converting the grains to soya milk grains so she can have a soya probiotic.

Does anyone else use kefir grains?


The Three Little Bears said...

27 acres!!! Just when I sometimes feel overwhelmed by my little patch of 8 acres, I have to remember that others have more. Your home and life is beautiful.


Olive said...

Hi Deb, I use kefir in my sour dough rye bread. The BEST taste !! So simple too. Also delicious as a smoothie with fresh strawberries (or any mashed fruit for that matter) in the morning for breakfast.
Good to hear the news about Snowy

aims said...

Grrrrrrr... I don't know why Blogger doesn't update sometimes for me but I end up missing stuff. Like about Snowy. So glad she is back to her normal self. You know how I feel about cats and them getting sick.

I have never had Kefir. In fact - I've never heard of it before. Just the word 'grains' puts me off because I'm a celiac and always leery.

It's interesting that it lasts forever. What amazing stuff it is - and has alcohol properties as well. Hmmmm...

dhan said...

Kefir is so delicious and Can I make kefir from fruit?