Monday, 16 March 2009

Writers Block

I’m really glad I don’t make my living from writing as it seems to be getting longer and longer between posts, so much so that C and S telephoned to check I was OK – many thanks for that you two :-) As ever, lots of reasons and the only one not true is that there is being nothing to do.

Losing the alpacas knocked my confidence rather hard, triggering a couple of panic attacks and a couple of other stress related things, one of the symptoms being finding it very difficult to concentrate and therefore work out what to write but that all seems under control now.

Other than that I’ve embarked on French lessons. I have two 3-hour lessons a week with half an hour travelling time each way so I effectively ‘lose’ a day from the week. These lessons are provided by the French government to help me integrate and set up my business. I’m only on the scheme very tentatively and expect to be asked to leave every week but until then I’m making the most of them. They are really good. One lesson covers French life, such as the intricacies of the French health system and which health department you register with depending on what type of work you are doing that month. The other lesson covers French language – this is the one I find really difficult as I moved schools frequently in my youth and was never taught English grammar so trying to get my head round French grammar is nigh on impossible.

I’ve also been working on the vegetable patch and been starting some seeds. The house looks more like a greenhouse at the moment so I hope the weather doesn’t take a turn for the worse, as I will need to get the seedlings outside soon, but I’m really hoping that I’ll be able to get the guy back to check out the vegetable plot and therefore be able to finally get my health insurance.

So that’s a quick update and I do hope to expand on some of the things I’ve been doing over the rest of the month.


softinthehead said...

With so much on your plate, I think we can forgive you being a bit slack on the blogging, but you are still missed so do it when you can :)

aims said...

ditto what SITH says.

The fact that you get to blog at all during plowing and seeding season makes it obvious that your readers are special to you.

dND said...

SITH & Aims - You're wonderful. xx

Anonymous said...

I was beginning to think there was a problem with my link as the page never seemed to update but thought you would be very busy. Stay cool, glad you're ok. Will try to ring you later in the week. luv ya, sis xxx

Mickle in NZ said...

Relieved you're feeling better. Hope all that planting is going well, the alpacas are thriving and the chooks' eggs can be easily located.

care and huggles to you, dear Deborah, and your darling cats, xxxx purrrrrrumbling from Mickle and Zebbycat

Living the Dream said...

Good to have you back again, even after so short a time. We quite understand and just pleased you are getting yourself together again. The sun is shining and everything is bursting with new life, so onward and upward Deborah and may you draw strength from the sun on your back. Take care.

Ciara said...

glad to see(read) you back. yep sound like you've had a lot on your plate alright. I know what you mean about the grammar alright, I did French in college although I might be a bit rusty if you need any help let me know.
Keep smiling it'll all be ok.

Barbara Martin said...

Having had a farm at one time, I thought you were pre-occupied with farm duties and would post when you had a moment of free time. And here you are.

Don't worry about writers block. Post when you feel like it. I can wait for your wonderful posts on farming in France.

dND said...

Hi Sis, No, I'm still here and your computer is fine. Looking forward to chatting later Dx

Thanks Mickle and congrats on getting back to work. Do take care of yourself. Dx

Hi Hazel, thank you and I hope you're having fun with your girls coming over. Dx

Hi Ciara, I'll get there withthe French - eventually! I think I'll have to learn it through hearing it though. And to be honest, most French only use very simplified grammar. Dx

Barbara as you say there is always lots to do but it does stop me from getting bored :-). I actually feel very luck to be here. Dx