Thursday, 26 March 2009

Cat Worries

Above is a picture of Snowy on her chair on Monday. She’s my oldest cat at 13.5 years and is beginning to show signs of her age. She’s still totally convinced I’m her human but she does spend a little more time these days sleeping. When she’s not sleeping, she is under my feet if I’m working outside, or sitting on the mouse or keyboard if I’m on the computer.

Tuesday though she decided to sleep for most of the day and when I got back from my French lesson she came to say hello and then went off again to sleep.

After my lesson on Wednesday I spent the afternoon keeping a close eye on her. She was only nibbling at food and when she didn’t come near the computer or sleep on the couch by me in front of the fire I knew something really wasn’t right.

So this morning it was off to the vets and the poor dear was running a temperature; it should have been between 38 and 39°C but she was at 40°C. She has a respiratory infection so along with the temperature she was finding breathing hard work.

One injection of antibiotics latter and we were on the way home; by the time we were back, after about 10 mins, she was meowing at me and as soon as we got in she demanded food.

I then went out to help Ann in the plum orchard, picking up the last of the firewood and by the time I came back she was a changed cat. She was sitting at the door waiting for me to come in and then demanded more food. She’s following me around, her fur feels smooth and silky again and she’s her chatty self and sitting on the keyboard again.

I can’t get over just how quickly she’s improved but I am just so happy that she has. I still have to try and get one and a half tablets down her throat each day for the next week to complete her antibiotics course but it will be worth it. Now where did I put all my plasters, I think I’m going to need them as Snowy hates taking tablets.


Olive said...

Good to hear Snowy is on the mend.
Why dont you try hiding her tablet inside a nice piece of soft cheese?
I dont know much about cats but this works for my dog with her worming tablets.

dND said...

She's really picky and a delicate eater - even with tuna which is her favourite.

I was worried by the size of the tablets, the blister's on the pack are over half a centimetre across but thankfully the tablets are tiny so at least for day one I've been able to throw then down her throat.

Mickle in NZ said...

Cats are such "right little wotsits" at hiding when they're unwell until they become really ill.

Relieved Snowy has recovered so quickly.

Huggles and purrs from Mickle and Zebby

dND said...

Thank you Mickle and Zebby

Anonymous said...

I find that with feisty Henry (and you know the size of him) that coating the tablet with a little butter helps it to slip down the throat nice and easy. happy to hear that snowy is doing well.
Sis xx

Barbara Martin said...

Cats are the dickens to give pills to. I can see where you might need your plasters. Nice to hear she's feeling better.

Paul and Melanie said...

Awww, glad to hear she's getting beter. We've got two young cats ourselves and I have a little panic every time they're not where they normally are at the time they're normally there.

Funnily enough the one that's actually needed tablets since we've had them seemed to love them, actually got excited and started jumping up when we picked the packet up... He's an odd cat though, far more like a small dog. :)