Saturday, 7 February 2009

Fire and Floods

Thankfully not here but I wanted to send my love and prayers to my Australian readers. From floods in the north at the beginning of the year to the lethal fires that are now ravaging the south. I truly hope that the weather settles down and that you are all safe.

As a footnote, if Ann (Lisle-) Smith or anyone who knows her reads this could she please contact me via the blog as I no longer have your address.

Should say that the last address I have is Palymra but I think she was then near Sydney but moved from there a couple of years ago.


aims said...

Wishing them safety from here as well.

Deborah - didn't know you had lost some alpacas - your darling Theo - I'm so sorry. My heart just ached immediately for you. The feeling of helplessness just swept over me and I am hoping that the autopsy will show what you need to know.

So sorry my friend.

Olive said...

Sorry to hear about the loss of your alpaca, I was worried about one of mine (Shadow)a couple of weeks ago but she must have been having a few 'off' days, late into her pregnancy. I did expect her to be the first to give birth, but one of the others came first (Adonis) yesterday.
Its much cooler here today, 25C forecast, down from 41C. The fires in Victoria are devastating, 25 confirmed dead so far, not to mention the poor animals.
Please let us know the outcome of the autopsy Deb.

Barbara Martin said...

I keep wondering what is going on with the world weather. Has the rain stopped in your area, Deborah?

Ciara said...

Hi there
Thanks for that, I'm in Sydney so not bad here but there was 108 confirmed dead this morning. I've heard some of the fires were started deliberately, it makes me so angry that someone could do that.
I'm so sorry to hear about your lovelt Theo.