Monday, 23 February 2009

An Eggcellent Day

For the first time since I've been in France, all the chicken have laid an egg on the same day! The three original Lacey Ladies used the nest in the hay bale while the other 3 hens each used different places so I was also able to identify each egg.

From left to right, the first three are the original Lacey Ladies, next is the white Sussex, the penultimate one is from the pullet from last years hatching and finally it's the Phoenix bantam.


aims said...

Catching up Deborah. I'm amazed at what it takes to get into the health system!

The cat and the potatoes - too funny! and the duck looked scrumptious.

As for the eggs? Woohoo!

Time flies when you're having so much fun - doesn't it?

Georgina said...

Aaaw Little Sussex has laid an egg!!! Hope all is well. Debs x

dND said...

You're so right about the time bit Aims, I just can't seem to keep up at the moment. Dx

Debs! How lovely to see you back online. How goes it and are you blogging again?

The Sussex's are quite characters, they are so friendly and inquisitive. I do hope all's well with you and Bob. Dx

Debra in France said...

It is so great when all the girals lay an egg. We love it now that the geese are laying as well, we had one day where all 3 geese had a egg and all six chooks had an egg each!!!