Tuesday, 8 July 2008

A Post about Posts.

Just a very quick post to say, thank you, to everyone who’s commented on the blog and apologise for not responding individually. We’ve started fencing the 3-hectare field; nearly all the post holes have been drilled by the tractor around the circumference – except for where the ground is so hard it can only get about 6 inches into the ground – but there are still all the inside posts to sub-divide the field to be done. Around 60 of the posts have been tamped in hard so only about another 440 to go! I’ll try and post more when we are not so exhausted, after 10 or more hours working on the field thinking is rather difficult.

The picture below was taken this morning with the first 60 or so posts in place waiting to be tamped in.


aims said...

The fact that you do post during all of this is amazing enough in itself!

Go rest - we're not going anywhere.

Anonymous said...

This looks lots of posts even before the 400! Looks like a second "wood" job you're undertaking. Hope you're having some fun(and rest),too with the family.
Best wishes from Sue et al in England xx

dND said...

Aims, I need the excuse to take a break! I am taking it slowly though, It might take longer but it will get done, if I try and do it all in a rush I'll either hurt myself or stop halfway through and not be able to get out there and finish the rest.

Sue, I promise to get it done before you're over here again :-D

Living the Dream said...

Gosh you are always so busy, you put me to shame. So good to catch up with you. Happy fencing