Monday, 10 November 2008

A Few Dry Days

The rain finally held off again – we’ve had well over last November’s rainfall already this month – and I was treated to the wonderful sunrise above the other morning.

A day and a half of dry weather meant that I could venture out to put the last panel on the new shelter. I really should read the packets better, this lambris was only 7 cm wide rather than the 15 cm of the previous I’d used. I was really thankful for the nail gun since the narrower pieces were more warped than the wider. Even so it only took an hour or so to pin and screw it together.

When G put the hay into the hayloft he brought down some roofing sheets that were there. I’d seen them from a distance but not paid them much attention but I think I’ll use them for this shelter. I need to get some smaller sheets to span the roof with an overhang but once I’ve got those it shouldn’t take to long to get the roof on.

I wasn’t the only one taking advantage of the sunny weather yesterday.

I spotted this stripless tree frog by the front door, I hear him quite often but he usually is well hidden.

I also have another companion in the garden; this is the Sussex cockerel who’s decided that he’s not to enamoured with the small world of the chicken run and pops out for an hour or so each day before returning to the flock.


softinthehead said...

Deb I love the way you will turn your hand to anything! Well done with the shelter. I hope you rewarded yourself with a few strawberries :)

aims said...

Your shelter is going to be great!

I'm with SITH! You are amazing in your determination to do it.

I was at the Vancouver aquarium on our week away and they have a frog display that is amazing.

Did you know that we are losing the frogs on our world? We never hear any here. Perhaps that is because it is a dry prairie land where I live - but I miss the sound of them.

They are trying to preserve the frogs of the world and we contributed our bit to their effort. Someone has to!

It's the same for the coral reefs in the world. They are dying off.

What are we doing to this planet we live on?

Barbara Martin said...

Well done with your animal shelter, and the cockrel is probably out for some different bugs and grass.

jack-of-all-thumbs said...

Somehow I botched an earlier comment (which has disappeared) about our need for rain and the fact that our Sussex are brown rather than white.