Sunday, 19 October 2008

Thinking of Food

My list of blogs I read grows longer and longer as I follow links from blog to blog. I can’t remember where I came across the Contrary Goddess but it was a while back – I think it was when I was researching how to dispatch chickens. I love her outlook on life and the simplicity she strives to bring to it.

This post I love, it shows the love she feels for the food she grows, her local food.


softinthehead said...

Thanks for the link - it made me both humble and hungry:)

Georgina said...

Deborah, so sorry you've been ill, and glad you are on the mend. I read some of the link, but LARD in pastry OMG! And she's slim! Debs x

dND said...

Hi SITH, I may not agree with all she says but I am in awe. Real homespun wisdoms.

Hi Debs, Slowly getting there, have finally managed two days without having to sleep every few hours to get by. Cough still nagging but nothing much so MUCH better. Life is beginning again:-D

I always used to make pastry with lard if I think back, it's what makes it really light. It's only the last 20 years or so - since the marketing of margarine, that people have stopped. Trex is basically a refined lard I think.