Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Colds, Colds And More Colds

Having got through my depressed spell I’m raring to catch up on everything. I even started a healthy eating regime, making sure I did take the time to get my 5 a day and not opt for a burger or egg sandwich for my main meal just because I was tired and couldn’t be bothered to cook for myself.

So why, oh why, have I had a cold ever since? I’m just getting through my 4th cold in 4 weeks. Just as I think I’m getting over the cold, I start sneezing again. At least the last 3 have only been head colds and not gone to my chest like the first. On the plus side I should be gaining immunity.

I think I should go back to a chocolate and chips diet and see if that gets rid of the colds, this healthy eating is killing me!


Alan said...

Every healthy diet should include a good quantity of chocolate and at least a glass per day of nice red wine. While it is true that we need to eat more healthy food, stress is much more damaging to the immune system than a bit of bad food. Relax, have a cookie and a glass of wine. Eat better and worry less and the colds will disappear.

Peace and health.

Anonymous said...

Have you washed your pillow since you've been ill? Lots of creepy crawlies live in pillows, right there at your nose, waiting to be breathed in.

I hope you're 100% soon!

Ciara said...

haha this healthy eating business is a killer alright hehehe. I'm the same always seem to get sick when I'm eating healthily :o).
I'm glad you're feeling better, hope this one doesn't last too long for you. Yeah i'd suggest washing all your bed clothes in very hot water, i do that & it seems to help after having a cold.

dND said...

Hi all, Well the cold is starting to go finally, it's been over a month and it's a timely reminder that I have to get some health care sorted for me.

Wine has been consumed in moderation, all bedding hot washed - thankfully the pillow is silver coated memory foam so that stays free of stuff getting into it. And healthy eating has been supplemented with the odd bit of chocolate every now and then.

So all in all I'm much better but still not going to go out in the rain and wind if I can get away without it; so thank you all for your kind wishes. I hope you all have a healthy winter (and summer Ciara)

Deborah x