Thursday, 14 August 2008

Never Trust the Weather Forecast.

I checked and re-checked the long range forecast, it said 2 days good sunshine then the possibility of a little rain and then 5 days of dry warm weather again. I decided to cut the hay; despite the 30+ degrees on the Sunday it didn’t quite dry enough to bale so I left it expecting to bale Wednesday. The light rain on Monday turned out to be 7mm and ther were a further 5mm on Tuesday. By then the long-range forecast had also changed to rain every day for the rest of the week! Argh… I’ve only got the tractor until the end of the weekend.

I was able to turn the hay yesterday afternoon and there was still some very damp stuff in there although I think just one good drying day and we could bale, it would then just be a case of how fast can we get the hay off the field and into the barn so fingers crossed. Thankfully the alpacas don’t require high protein hay and they should also be on grass by winter but I would like a reserve of hay just in case the weather throws a wobbly this winter.

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aims said...

Unbelievable how much rain there has been this summer. In fact - everyone is saying - what summer?

I know in the southern states they are basking in warm weather...but that's about it.

Strange. Doesn't help you at all does it.