Thursday, 7 August 2008

Chick Update 2

Cheep Cheep, short for Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep, - well it was either that or Kiev and we though the chick might have a bit of problem with the though of being chicken Kiev, - is doing well. He’s now regained complete use of his leg and foot and is scratching around happily on the grass in the run that G made for him.

Cheep Cheep has adopted G as his surrogate mum, calling out whenever he hears G’s voice and jumping onto G’s lap if given a chance. We now have the challenge of integrating Cheep Cheep back into the flock. Cheep Cheep knows he’s a chicken and runs up and down his enclosure chirping madly if the other hens walk past. At least one of them has been up and wondered what to do as though some memory is kicking back in that the chick needs looking after but it’s nothing to do with her.

Since Cheep Cheep is getting a bit big for the box that’s his current home I think he will have to go into the segregated area of the chicken shed. Although he can get out of that area, the other hens and chick are all too big to get in so he will have some security, but I am worried about how well they will accept him.

Has anyone else had experience of integrating one chick back into a flock?

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aims said...

Can't say that I have Deborah.

But I'm glad you posted this. I was beginning to think the worst for the poor little thing.