Thursday, 31 July 2008

Chick Update 1

I'm pleased to say that the little chick is still alive and cheeping away in a box in my study. For the first day he didn't use his leg at all but I was able to feel it and there wasn't anything obviously wrong, but I'm no vet and neither am I an expert in chickens. When I massaged the leg I thought I saw a little movement in the foot but wasn't sure.

Today I took the chick out onto the lawn, put it down and it hobbled about a bit in order to get some grass and it was obvious that although it was using the good leg primarily, it was using the bad leg too and moving the toes that had previously been limp. It also gave its wings a really good preen too so I think it is feeling a lot happier and I'm more hopeful that it will make a full recovery.


aims said...

Are you sure that's a chicken? It looks more like a squirrel to me!

I just can't seem to make out the correct body shape when I look at the pic. Ah well! At least it's feeling better. (you're such a good mom)

Breezy said...

Well done

Debra in France said...

well done you. I hope he/she continues getting stronger.