Thursday, 15 May 2008

Thursday Just Went

Today just slipped by, the morning was spent going to Bergerac to get more lime for whitewash and an exterior light for the patio so I can get rid of the bare wires and normal bulb and holder that’s out there at the moment. It also tied in with a trip to see Ann and talk over things that I need for the farm.

Today it was getting someone in to put in the fence posts and getting equipment to cut hay along with arranging a convenient day for Mr Tibbs to go in for the chop.

The afternoon was back out in the garden; the dry day meant that I could get another go over some of the soil with the rotivator and break up the soil a bit more. After that I finally got some of my garlic into the ground, most of it has rotted while waiting but with luck I’ll get enough cloves for next years planting. I’ve still another 2 or 3 rows of another variety to plant but stopped because Regis called round.

He wanted to borrow the topper as his had broken down. While he was here he had a look at the ride-on mower that broke down last week. Needless to say it worked first time for him, leaving me feeling a bit miffed. He disappeared off to get his tractor and I decided to do some mowing. Would the mower start for me – would it heck, but at least I knew it should start. Eventually I figured out that the parking brake could engage in two positions. In one it activated the relay that allows the engine to be started in the other it doesn’t! So now I know another of it’s idiosyncrasies.

I’d nearly finished the ride-on mowing when the thunder spots started and that was it for the day. The thunder rumbled around for a couple of hours but with no obvious lightning from here.

So for a change I was inside in time to watch the news but fate was against me, the journalists were on strike again so it was a slightly different format news with only a few international bits, the rest coming from the regions that weren’t on strike.

All in all an odd sort of day, nothing much to write about but one that got little bits done that will make the following days easier – as long as the ground dries out again.
After the storm


Martin Yemm said...

How about an Astra dish, so you can watch BBC24 News and Sky News, the boxs are about £120, dish and LNB about £50, you can also watch all the regional ITV news programs from around the country. Sue had a lovely time last week, have to send her out to you more often!

aims said...

It sounds like you are getting an unusual amount of rain this year. Is that the case?

I've heard of cars that won't start if something isn't somewhere. I'd be miffed too! You're so smart for figuring it out. Girl - you always amaze me. I'm so proud of you!

Georgina said...

Sounds like you've been busy again. I've just been talking to Jean-Pierre as he has just cut a new field for rubenage (spelling?). He says it's rain, rain, rain until Wednesday. Watch this space. Debs x