Monday, 28 April 2008

Rainy Days and Mondays

It’s rained today, in fact it rained during the night and for just about all today so the ground is unworkable again. I’m really glad I got as much done as I did over the last few days.

I though I might get more done on the kitchen today but when I got up, not only was I feeling exhausted but I found my legs didn’t want to move and when they did it hurt. I obviously haven’t used the muscles I used to brace myself against the rotovator for a while. My arms were a little sore too but not as bad as I thought they might be. I also managed to bruise both wrists and knees while I was trying to get the rotor onto the PTO the other day, and as for the calluses on my palms…

So that’s all my excuses; all in all I didn’t get much done but there is always tomorrow.


Georgina said...

Deborah you need a long relaxing walk to disperse the lactic acid. Have a break and take you cats out. By the way, I've tagged you. Come over and see what you have to do. Debs x

aims said...

The body tells us what the brain refuses to hear on its own.....give yourself a hot bath today and enjoy your day off!!