Monday, 3 March 2008

Pink Snow

The weather here isn’t supposed to get cold until tomorrow but when I looked out this morning it looked like pink show had fallen. The multitudes of insects that have been buzzing around the blossom tree have obviously done their job and the tree is now deluging petal with the slightest breeze.

Coming back from the meal yesterday I realise my neighbour had been busy over the afternoon. The first thing I saw was the only tree on the side of the drive was no more.

Down by the alpacas another 5 have been felled too. It’s sad to see them go although it does let more light onto my field. What’s sadder is that over large lengths of the ditches, no replacement trees are growing, I think because the ditches are either sprayed with weed killer or mechanically cut to manage the weed growth rather than a manual approach that would enable saplings to be spared. It make me feel really good about planting a new piece of woodland and I will be seeking out any saplings on my side of the ditch that I can leave for future generations.

Also peaking through the pink snow I spotted my lily of the valley poking through the ground. It will be interesting to see if they too flower earlier than their tradition date of the 1st May.


Living the Dream said...

Oh Lily of the Valley, I love them, I can just imagine the scent, perfect. By the way, 100's of cranes flew over quite close to here yesterday, unfortunately we didn't see them. We have been watching the hen harrier though, just glorious.

aims said...

Thank you for leaving a comment over on my blog.

It snowed on and off for most of the day here. We will not see the last of it until almost May really. If you put your garden in before May 24th around here - then you're an idiot....

Of course - being Alberta - we've had snow every month of the year...hard to believe isn't it?

Still - we keep on hoping that spring will surprise can always hope...

Rob Windstrel Watson said...

Thanks for your insights into life in France.

Sometimes I'm tempted but then, at other times, I think that it is enough to live the life vicariously through others like yourself :-)

Anonymous said...

oh lily of the valley.... I have some..wonder if they are showing yet..
they are sposed to be bad if sheep eat them.. do you know if they are bad for any other animals?

dND said...

I hadn't thought about their toxicity to animals but it is something to think about if I do get round to naturalising them.

Thankfully at the moment they are up close to the house and away from the alpacas.