Saturday, 15 March 2008

Picture Parade

The house is still undergoing rewiring and there are cables trailing all over the place from the remaining sockets that work to wherever power is needed, and that’s how it is staying over the weekend. I have the car back so now have some food although no cooker yet. The cooker socket is in but I still need the cable to the cooker, (it doesn’t come with the cooker in France as you are supposed to get an electrician to install it), and the socket still needs to go live.

My distribution panel has gone from this, with only one full line of fuses, and a couple hanging out of the second line to this, complete with circuit breaker and lightening protector. The water pump is also being run through the panel rather that directly off the current into the house (insert goodness knows how many exclamation marks here) so I will now be able to isolate it at the house rather than throw the main switch. For some reason it has 4 switches not 3, which I would have expected, one for each phase plus a spare. Sometime when I’m bored I’ll have an Internet search into what the 4th is for.

Yesterday was a wonderful day here, the sun was shining and it was 20°C in the shade. I made the most of it and spent a good part of the day outside planting the first of my seed. I might be a couple of weeks too early so I only planted a few of each variety but still planted 25 different types.

Finding small seed trays was quite difficult last year but I’ve got round this by saving icecream tubs. A candle and old skewer make easy work of piercing drainage holes and they are thick enough plastic to withstand the UV, unlike the small trays I did find. I also find I lose the labels I’ve pre-written so ended up planting them in a bowl of gravel. I’ve also got a few of these as small seed planters.

I found these during my stint as a supermarket shelf stacker (yet another of my talents), they are used to transport and display tubes of denture cleaner.

I also re-potted my strawberry plants and found that they are already setting fruit. Also on the patio, my myrtle bush has burst into flower along with the plum tree. I shall have to take a trip out and photograph the plum orchards in bloom, as they are a wonderful sight.


aims said...

Is that your floor in all those colors? I noticed colors like this over at Crystal Jigsaw's place. They were used in larger tiles on the backsplash.

We don't have bright colors like this here...everything is usually the same hue..and muted. What a difference!

Your blooming plants made me jealous. I hear people are sporting tans over there! It snowed a good 3" here yesterday. And that won't be the last of it either.

dND said...

Floor tiles and wall paper came with the house. The floor tiles are staying, but the wallpaper is very definitely being painted over!

Living the Dream said...

what is it with electrics over here, I have never seen so many cables in all my life!! As to the wallpaper......say no more, very retro. The weather here has changed a lot, very windy but not raining. Blossoms are lovely at the moment aren't they?

dND said...

I think it's to do with spur wiring rather than ring main, but I think it should make fixing any faults a bit easier.

The wallpaper is , well it just is! One place I saw details for had similar wallpaper and the floor tiles were a similar design too. The sort of place that would make sure you never got drunk.

aims said...

Oh dear! I didn't even notice the wallpaper I was so agog over the colored tiles!

Um - ya - perhaps a nice paint that goes with one of the tiles??

I'm thinking that those tiles (obviously I'm fixated on them) won't show the dirt anyway...

dND said...

Hi Aims,

The tiles are in the kitchen and yes they are wonderful for not showing that I've just traipsed through in my gardening boots!

The wallpaper is in the lounge and as I slowly find homes for all the junk I have, I'm working round with white paint. I might think of adding colour at a later date but at the moment, all I want is the simplicity of white.

Back to the kitchen tiles - I think the are marvellous, no one would ever put them down today. The rest of the kitchen will be oak units with whitewashed walls along with some ivory and blue tiles. There is just about every colour possible, black, blue, orange, pink, red, green, yellow and grey on a quick look, in the floor tiles so they will go with anything.