Saturday, 22 March 2008

Easter Beckons

Today I was hoping to get the installation of the hot water system finished but sadly the immersion heater I was told would be here on Wednesday still hasn’t arrived so the plumber and electrician didn’t come. I will telephone them when it has arrived and try and arrange another day for them to finish the work. I thought things were going far to smoothly.

Still on the plus front, I finally remembered which safe place I’d put the camera so I have been able to take a few more photographs. This is the new range cooker complete with shiny new pipes but no chimney and my electric cooker, now wired in. I feel like I have to learn to cook all over again, it’s been more than a year since I had a proper cooker.

Now the wiring is finished, I’ve been able to move a few things back to where they should be and in doing so I uncovered the stored squashes. Some of the butternuts were showing signs of wrinkling so have been made into roasted butternut and red pepper soup – lunches for the next couple of days. The next try out for the electric cooker was a batch of hobnobs. The soup was a success but the hobnobs while tasting fine weren’t quite right. The oven is very fierce and it will take a bit more practice to learn the best heating options and shelf placement. It just means I’ll have to make more hobnobs:-D

This view is of the old sink waiting to be taken out and the new sink unit ready to be put in place and the new sink plumbed in by the plumber when he returns. Everything is now on hold, as until the old sink is removed I can’t place the new sink or the corner unit, visible on the right of the picture of the cookers, and in turn, these two units are taking up space where other things should be. Still maybe next weekend, that running hot water is so tantalising close and still yet so far.

Final picture is of some of the rain clouds coming down from the north. The temperature has dropped a bit but not as much as expected. I think it’s just because the bad weather is taking a bit longer to get here than predicted since again tonight the forecast is for sleet and snow.

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aims said...

OMG! It looks incredible - and that cooker you have - oh my! We looked into getting an old fashioned stove to go in our kitchen - and the cost would be somewhere around $6000.00! Just to look like a country kitchen! I don't even like cooking that much!

btw - what are hobnobs please?

And yes - I'm still fascinated by that floor!