Monday, 21 January 2008

Water Update

The new valve is in and… no difference. So now I’m beginning to worry that it is the pump it’s self and that could be costly. The valve I replaced did need changing so I’m not bothered about having to have done that. I’d just like to get through a month without a catastrophe on my hands.

Apart from the pump I’ve done very little today. It took the whole morning to get the two parts I needed. When I got back, the house was still in the grips of a power cut due to EDF doing maintenance on the cables round here. Once the power was back on, I fitted the valve and then spent time testing it, removing the pump, re-fitting the pump and ‘chatting’ by Internet to Steve in the UK as to what might be the problem with the pump.

I think I’ll have to take the pump out and be brave and strip it down. The main thing holding me back, apart from not knowing what I’m doing, is that the pump is wired into a socket and I’ve yet to find the fuse on that circuit.

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