Sunday, 13 January 2008

The Big Clean Up

Today has consisted of clean, clean, clean. First up was the chicken house as it was a dry calm day. Once it was clear everything got a good spray with disinfectant. The bottle proudly announces that it is effective against avian flu as well. Some how I think that unless I sit there and spray the passing wild birds it won’t protect the chickens though. Apart from having a nice clean environment for the chickens there is the bonus that the new compost bin is now half full.

From the chickens I moved on to the alpaca paddock and they got their daily clean. Then as the weather was so lovely this afternoon I spent a bit more time out spreading the straw mulch around the orchard. I really do hope it will suppress the weeds after all the effort.

The major clean up though is in the kitchen. On Saturday, Regis took the old window out and you know how these jobs that sound simple but when you actually start them…………...

French windows and doors have lift off hinges so removing the opening bits was no problem. Likewise the frame wasn’t anything the crowbar wouldn’t move. However in removing the frame a bit of the internal cement rendering cracked off. It turns out that somewhere back in the dim and distant past someone had rendered over the oak lintels. Well each to their own taste I suppose. The problem was that they hadn’t killed the woodworm first. The exterior inch and a half of the beams, there are two as the walls are at least 18 inches thick, had been eaten and turned into the finest sawdust you can imagine. There was an avalanche of this dust from the lintel area. I had cleared away stuff from the immediate area but had not envisaged anything like that volume of dust. Suffice to say it filled the kitchen and has found it’s way into most of the rest of the house. I shut doors where I could but due to the lack of sockets in the rooms here, most doors have cables through them so couldn’t be closed completely. These two photos give an idea of what descended.

I think I shall be cleaning all week if not all month.


Stew said...

Hey!! we drink the same milk!

dND said...

Ah, I've outed myself as a Lidl shopper then!

Stew said...

We pronounce it "Lyedales" to make it posh.