Thursday, 31 January 2008

Back Again

It was back to work in the prunery today despite the overnight rain and the morning fog and we finally finished the first orchard.

There are two more orchards to go and this was the smallest of the three. Regis has promised Ann and I that now he knows someone is going to pick up the usable wood he’s prepared all the larger branches while he’s been cutting. This should mean that we only have to serpe off the side branches, collect and stack the usable wood and then move all the trimmings to the middle of the avenues. In theory it should be easier.

Sadly my back hasn’t taken kindly to the work today and last Tuesday. It’s been beginning to niggle me for a while and I’ve been meaning to book a session with a chiropractor. Today’s aches have been enough to make me get on with it so I have an appointment booked for Friday next week.

I’m really pleased at how well my back has held up to all the work I’ve done in the last year. My last trip to the chiropractor was in December 2006 before I moved here so I don’t begrudge it a bit of TLC.


Clare said...

Hi dnd,
Thank you for your comments on my blog. I have to say that having started this to help out my mum, I am quite enjoying it. I am also getting more and more inspired to do some more crafty projects - although I have no idea what to start. Good luck with everything

Clare said...

Hi dnd,

Thanks for leaving the nice comment on my new blog. I must say that although I started it to help out mum, I am actually quite enjoying it. I am also becoming more and more inspired to make more crafty things - although I have no idea where to start.
Best of Luck

Stew said...

azerty keyboard: a with a hat -
you hit the ^ key (the one next to the P) and nothing happens. because you've just put the ^ into "memory". Then hit the a et voilà ââ or even ôô

dND said...

Brill, I now have  and Ä. So simple when you know how - like everything :_D