Sunday, 16 December 2007

I’ve made it onto French television!

And didn’t have to blockade a ferry port with my tractor either.

Today I had set aside as a do nothing day. I do this most Sundays but invariably something comes up and today turned out to be no different. I did manage a very lazy start and then the ‘phone rang.

The next village after mine was expecting a visit from Père Noël. Like the rest of France (transport sector, legal profession, students), the reindeer had gone on strike and Père Noël had arranged to arrive by donkey and trap. The only problem was that the trap wasn’t big enough for Père Noël and the present and he needed another helper to bring the presents along in a wheelbarrow.

A quick trip via the North Pole and I’m reincarnated as one of Santa’s little helpers skipping along behind the donkey cart pushing a present laden wheelbarrow.

All the children from the village were there and after the distribution of the present under the Christmas tree by the church they all got to have a ride in the cart. Then it was drinks and nibbles in the village hall. It was a lovely afternoon – seeing the looks of joy on the children’s faces was wonderful. The owner of the donkey and cart had arranged for the regional TV station to come and do a piece for tonight’s news. It will be broadcast again tomorrow and then be on the Internet too for a week.

It was interesting to note that Père Noël and his two helpers were all English. It seems we are the only ones who willingly dress up and play the fool if required.

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